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von Herb Runge

more than fifty new songs and tunes

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Adventure In Minor / Bah Beep / Berlin swingt richtig / Big Band
Cha Cha / Blues For Breakfast / Bluesy Mood / Bouncing Around /
Come On, Come On / Don`t Forget The Bossa-Nova / Fancy Angie
/ Happy Phone / Herbie`s Blues / Herbie`s Boogie / Herbie`s Tune
/ I Saw Your Face And I Felt In Love / I`m Feeling Sad In Rio /
I`m Really In A Crazy Mood / If I Had The Chance To Say I Love
You / If Your Dreaming Of Someone / Jazzy Sequenz / Just Simply
Nice / Just You And I / Latino Touch / Let Me Hear The Music /
Let`s Play Falling In Love, Again / Love And Romance / Old Blue
Eyes / On A Swinging Countryside / Ready For Swinging Moments
/ Screwdriver / Song For Fred / Swing For Seven / Swing Is Here
All The Time / Swinging In The Old Fashioned Way / The Affair
In Swing / The Dark Highlight / The Dream Of Love / The Jazzy-
City-New Orleans / The Old Hat Of Mister Basie / The Royal Bossa
/ The Sad Blues / The Sad Mirror / The Sun Comes Out Now /
Theme Fifty-One / There Is Always Time To Remember / Tribut
To Mr. Herb Alpert / Very Floppy / Viel Harmonie / Wonderful,
Only You / You Just Came Along / You`re A Wonder / What I Am
/ You`ve Gone / Your Love Is So Beautiful / Zippy Tune

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